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A Widower's/Widow's Wish List of Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day

Is your father a widower, or your mother a widow? Well, this is the best time for you to let  them know they are not alone this Valentine's Day. Wherever you may be,  show them  that you are there to fill the vacuum your other beloved parent had left due to their passing away. Surprise them with unique gifts this Valentine's Day. There are lots of unique gift ideas that are now surfacing in the internet ads, on display in malls and booths, everywhere you look.

Here, I have selected 2 Bible passages, that might encourage you and  make you understand why you should consider buying them a unique gift for the occasion.  If you haven't done  this in the past years when you believe they have already been healed your thoughtfulness will  make them happy in a unique way. They will surely love this.

Widowers/Widows past 60

"Honor widows who are really widows. But if any widow has children or grandchildren, let them first learn to show piety at home and to "repay their parents". for this is "good and acceptable before God". 1 Timothy 5:3-4

Widowers/Widows below 60

"And besides, they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house, and not only idle but also gossips and busybodies saying things which they ought not". "Therefore, I desire that younger widows marry, bear children, manage the house, give no opportunity to the adversary to speak,reproachfully". 1 Timothy 5:13-14.

A Widower's/Widow's Wish List of Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day

10. Arrange in advance a mass and offering in his/her parish church for his/her dead spouse. Invite all the family members if feasible to attend the mass with him/her and march  with her to the sanctuary to give offerings in forms of flowers and fruits in colorful basket  arrangements. Bring the video cam to catch all the next activities for the day.

9. After attending the mass, surprise him/her with that  long-wished visit to the grave-site where the beloved spouse rests. Bring his/her favorite flowers and scented candles to make the visit real special. Make sure that the tomb is immaculately clean, sign that you'd been there  to add to the surprise.  Once there, have a family Bible service, pray the rosary together as one family for the repose of his/her soul.

8. Bring CD of the couples' theme love song to play to make the visit pleasant.

7. Before going home, drop at the most popular restaurant he/she have never set foot yet, one with lavish Valentine's decorations, and offers serenaders during mealtime. Let them play the couple's love song. Have him/her select his/her own food choice, not intervening for limit cues.

6. Surprise him/her with old photos you shared with his/her beloved spouse, particularly those with funny and candid memories. He/she will love to laugh once more.

5. Once at home, exchange pleasantries with one another by exchanging notes about your spouses, your children, and have him/her make comments, too.

4. Bring out their old wedding album and relive the happy moments  in it. Give him/her assuring comments that the lost spouse is now happy in heaven.

3. A soft touch, a kiss, a hug, need no words to say, you are always there for him/her.

2. If you are living away from home and would be leaving soon, drop an invitation for him/her to pay you a visit. Arrange for a suitable day to fetch him/her.

1. At the end of the day, bring out the best home cooked  menu for the family Valentine's Day celebration and celebrate with the whole clan. Keep the video cam working and promise to send him/her  copy for keeps.

And on top of all the day's surprises, give him/her a beautifully wrapped personalized gift. The following gift ideas may be of help in your search for the best gift for him and the most unforgettable unique gift for her.
Unique Gifts for Him
  1. A personalized coffee / beer mug
  2. A bottle of his favorite men's cologne
  3. A pair of pants and a shirt to match
  4. A collection of the latest CD movies and musicals
  5. The latest pocketbook by his favorite author

Unique Gifts for Her
  1. A new set of sewing tools in a beautiful box with her name engraved on top.
  2. A bottle of that perfume she commented on you in your last visit but was ashamed to ask.
  3. A collection of the latest CD movies and musicals
  4. A new dress with matching bag and pump shoes
  5. A new prayer book and a scented rosary to replace her worn-out ones
Widowers and widows have their distinct place inn this universal celebration of Valentine's Day., don't they? The absence of their partner must more than place them forward rather than relegate them to the background while the whole family is celebrating with them or worst, when  spending it away from them.

I'm a widow past my 60, and these are my personal thoughts. My kind are also humans in need of tender loving care. In the daily course of life, we have became sedentary but we are open to some pleasantries when they come by surprise. 

To lose a partner  is losing half of our lives. This void is filled by the love showered upon us by our children but nothing can  ever substitute the love of a partner. We just keep to ourselves this longing to be with our other half,  but naturally it's just that- secret longing, so as not to offend their best of intentions.

I say this because, my 2 daughters, understand my situation, due to  our openness to each other.
But how about those who are brushed  aside by their families after many years of observing them to have accepted the death of their loved one? It's not money they need most, that's arranged regularly by responsible children, of course. But an occasional "Hello, how are you today, how's your blood pressure, are you taking your medicines regularly?" are the best words we hear, the best love signs and endearment that mean we are not alone.

Well, if you have seemingly forgotten to keep in touch, grab that phone, take a minute to call up, to say "Hello Papa or Hello Mama", we and the kids are  coming home for our Valentine's celebration. Since the day is a week day, have it on the week end. Copy this list if you have none yet or add it to your prepared list if it may help. I'll be greatly honoured.

Isn't this a unique gift idea for your dear Papa or Mama? I'll love it if I'm your mother. Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. hi Lita, awesome blog. i like it. thanks for the tips :)

  2. Thanks for the ideas...and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  3. Hi very nice blog have a nice day...

  4. This is wonderful Lita. My mom is a widow over 60. I was involved in a Valentine's Day swap this year and I grabbed her a card to send. Now, I'm really glad I did.

    I try to call her every few days. I miss my step father like you wouldn't believe and now my real father too who died in December. He wasn't married though.

    We have to remember all the lonely partnerless people need extra love and care on Valentine's Day.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    Much love to you dear one. XOXOXOX

  5. richarie,
    I'm glad you dropped by. Thanks for the comments, dear.

  6. Angelia,
    I'm glad you did. Send my regards to your mom the next time you call. Your stepdad will surely fill the void in your Mom's partnerless state. Sorry about your Dad's passing away. We all go when our time is up. But as long as we're here on earth, love makes the going smooth. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie.

  7. Aree,
    I'm really glad to see you around. Thanks for the comment.Happy Valentine's!

  8. Melissa,
    May you find these tips useful, too. Happy Valentine's!

  9. Hi, i found ur blog on SITS
    Nice ideas, my hubby's mom is already a widow. This post will help us alot... thanks for sharing... U

  10. Mhel,
    The more people I can reach out to with this post, the more I'm encouraged to help my fellow widows/widowers. Thanks for dropping by. Happy SITS Friday.

  11. Thanks for the visit lita,you have a nice blog.This is article is encouraging and think the important of valentine's day cannot be overemphazise in our lives.I will be visiting your site from time to time.

  12. Thanks for sharing this nice post. I liked it very much. Keep posting Dear.

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  13. editor,
    Better late than never, but I owe you an apology for not being able to moderate this comment on time. I remember why I wasn't very efficient then, because my dear brother Ben died February 11. Thank you so much. I'll check your blog from here again.

  14. Fakharuddin40,
    Your comment is greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by. I'll check on your site now.



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