Friday, December 31, 2010

Somebody's Child Beamed With Glee On Christmas Morn

Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas to commemorate the lowly birth of The Child in The Manger, we all believe in that! Christmas without Baby Jesus in the center isn't Christmas at all. It's His birthday and we want to make Him happy. Did you make The Child happy on Christmas morn?

My family just did that! We are poor and simple folks- no gold, no frankincense, no myrrh to  offer. We have no kingly treasures to lay by His crib. But on this cold Christmas morn in December 25, my daughters Pot, Kit, and I, believe that we made Somebody's Child beam with joy and probably,  He even joined the children in our neighborhood Children's Christmas Party.

Our family tradition of sharing our blessings received to the least of our relatives is focused  on promoting love and goodwill to all. The joy we shared together for the love of the Holy Child will continue to stay in our hearts and hope to spice our daily lives until the next Christmas and beyond.  Our family tradition will live forever!

With our deepest gratitude, I thank the Almighty Father for giving Pot, Kit, and I, this wonderful chance to show our love to Him through our relatives and neighbors in Baby Jesus' name. I trust and pray that God will continue to uphold this passion in us to share what we have to those who aren't capable of giving back.

I also acknowledge and thank the last minute gesture of my siblings Nela, Lina, Edna, and my nephew Mon, all living in Manila, for sending voluntary financial support because we were able to share more (packages of rice, coffee, sugar and creamer) and even prepare more food and  fed an unexpected big crowd of 22 families plus the neighborhood kids and adults who are not our relatives.

Our especial thanks goes to our guest sponsor, (who wishes not to be named) for sending cash money through Pot that was raffled out to poor deserving children.

 And lastly, Blessings be to our Clan! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All!


  1. Wonderful. The contributions from our pockets we give come back ten-fold; however, the ones we give from our hearts come back to us in an infinite stream. And you as well as your family will swim long in that stream because of your big hearts! What a wonderful post!

    L. Avery Brown

  2. Dear Laura,
    A hundreds-fold of blessings to you for your wonderful comment. We all must share our blessings these Holiday Seasons because you believe in the joy of giving, that I'm certain you did among your loved ones, too. Happy Holidays!

  3. Lita-what a wonderful tradition. Every day should be Christmas Day. The children are so beautiful, and it's exciting to see the happy looks on their faces. That any child anywhere should ever go hungry, even for one day, is a disgrace and a tragedy. Bless your big heart and the kindness and compassion of your whole family!
    Wishing you joy and good health in the upcoming year.

  4. nothingprofound,
    The happy celebration was videoed by my daughter Pot. She produced a CD which we gave to the emcee. The neighborhood fun never seems to end because the CD has been viewed many times in different households.
    On the eve of December 31, during the countdown to the New Year, someone brought out his TV by the roadside and the CD was played and viewed with joy again! Haha!
    Yes, dear friend, in God's loving kindness I'll pray that I'll live longer to see more Christmases with the kids. Thank you.

  5. Lita,

    Your heart, your spirit, and generous outpouring of love shines from this post and these faces.

    What a wonderful Christmas to be part of. I adore it!

    Hope your year is just as wonderful.

  6. Angelia, Dear'

    My daughters and I are wonderfully blessed with good health and happy disposition, so we're giving back what we have to people we know need assurance there's hope in life. Yes, the feeling is just as wonderful as we see everyone with smile and laugh in complete abandon during the games.

    Working for the best in every opportunity God gives us! Have the best of best, too!

  7. What a wonderful family you have. Yes, may you have many more wonderful Christmas's like that and of course the in-between days too

  8. Hi, Neil!
    Been away from home for almost a month. Now that I'm back, I'll see what's up at BC and with friends. Thank you for your heart-warming comment. I'll check on your site when I'm finally settled.



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