Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Social Transformation Is Best Achieved Through Nationwide Moral Regeneration

"Thank you, President Pnoy, for aiming to reverse the untameable- the elusive social transformation for our people. You succinctly started the ball rolling when you extolled our people to follow the right path even suggesting to our people to observe gratitude to those who serve in government- to say thank you to the traffic police doing his job well, etcetera, etcetera. Thank you, Mr. President for what you're doing for this nation".
Photo source: http://www.pinoyhalo.com/2010/06/30/president-noynoy-aquino-inaugural-speech/
In his second State of the Nation Address (SONA), last July 25, 2011, Philippine President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino, III used the local term "wang-wang" (siren), several times. in his accomplishment report to the people and in the language understood by all- in Filipino. By now every concerned Filipino knows the meaning attached to this word by their leader. It sounds like it's a distress call to all government officials to stop their abusive and corrupt  ways. Is there anything new about this? Pnoy isn't the first to demand people in government to raise the country's level of ethics in public offices and do honest service to the people who put trust in them. Many ahead of him did, but  sadly, this country remains morally corrupt.
Down in history, no less than our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, left  this legacy- righteous people are identified with just rulers: (All quotes are sourced from the pamphlet Commencement Addresses delivered during the Year 1963 authored by Ambrosio Padilla).
            "People and government are correlated and complimentary. A fatuous government would be an anomaly among righteous people, just as a corrupt government cannot exist under just rulers and wise laws. Like people, like government".

The late First President of the Republic of the Philippines, Manual Roxas, in a commencement address he delivered at the University of the Philippines in April, 1948, said:
            "This republic will not long endure unless we purify and strengthen the character of our people".

The late Philippine Senator Ambrosio Padilla, in a commencement address at the Rizal Memorial Institute in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte on March 18, 1965, spoke to the young graduates on "moral regeneration":
             ". . .  to help mold a strong and vigilant public opinion to make our democracy responsive to the needs of our people and to actively participate in the choice of elective officials who must administer public affairs honestly and efficiently, and in the rejection of unworthy candidates who break faith with our sovereign people. I demand compliance with moral and ethical principles- in the profession, in any business, in politics, and in other fields of human endeavor."
And watch out for the merits of the late Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal's  Inaugural Address in December 30, 1961 if there had been any change in our country's moral values:
              "Our first mission is the solution of the problem of corruption. The solution of this problem shall call for the exercise of the tremendous persuasive power of the Presidency. I shall consider it, therefore, my duty to set a personal example in honesty and uprightness. We must prove that ours is not a nation of hopeless grafters but a race of good and decent men and women".

And still another of the late Philippine President Diosdado Mcapagal's SONA:
              ". . . it is a wasted effort to steep the young in virtue and morality only to let them realize as they grow up that their elders are neither moral or virtuous".

What happened to all these pronunciation? Like the biblical proverb, their words fell on rocks, never took roots, and were washed away to perdition. Former President and now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, daughter of President Diosdado Macapagal, is yet to prove that she didn't fail his father. Beset with impending days in court for herself and her family, for alleged anomalies while in government service, many are now paranoid if she will ever be locked behind bars.

So what if she is now under hospital or house arrest for her non-bailable alleged electoral sabotage? It seems to me that an out-of-this-world tug-of-war between her lawyers she appointed into office and the handful few government lawyers with honest motive to help the President  serve justice to the oppressed is happening. The average Filipino just hopes that what he sees on TV isn't a show- a moro-moro. The media is ripe in  projecting a constitutional crisis. When the three branches of our government, the Supreme Court in particular, aren't working  anymore for the welfare of the majority, but rather are preoccupied in serving  the evil scheme of the power-drunk moneyed crooks,  we will become a country mired in unspeakable trouble. It's really sickening!  The poor people almost see the end of it- that she'll go scot-free, along with  all those  corrupt officials under  investigation for their wrongdoings. In this country where money and power talks,  my urgent concern is for all freedom and peace-loving Filipinos to stand against them. Spill the beans in favor of truth that the evil in them might weaken until new hope of morality shows in them. It's a gamble we all must play if we are to win. Let's just hope that this first offense sheds light to her alleged numerous abuses.

There are  innumerable precedents of erring public officials during her administration that people are aware of. The bad eggs continue to pool the thread over our eyes and bravely defy the rights of the people for good governance and the good life. Our people will never see the light and the truth inside the deep tunnels of corruption in government. What do we do now? Are we willing to stay in darkness all our life?

Our country's moral situation is worsening. As a former public school teacher, I observed how the young  were hard to teach to live with good conduct and behavior. Education laws made the mentors hands tied. When corporal punishment was abused and was eventually abolished, real school situations were sanitized to make it appear that everything is all right. Some teachers would do anything to keep themselves away from harm. Never mind if their ward badly failed to acquire  a functional knowledge and wisdom.  Hence, the broken communication between parent and teacher.

The worm has penetrated the annals of the academe, the rot is worsening.We are nurturing both in the homes and schools would-be civil servants who follow the  future on wrong path. They who will seek public office who nonchalantly step on everybody's shoulders to have perks and line their pockets totally undermining their oath of service. Yet, we all laugh at Pnoy's plea for national understanding of our situation. We are stubborn in displaying our national unity and cooperation. Many among us don't believe that good governance means good economy. Many openly put up a fight for good governance, because many are corrupt among us.

We all suffer the burden of the ailing economy caused by countless factors of which we are one. Not all these  guardians in government are bad. We can easily identify a few, as against a great number of them who allow themselves to be used by the  unscrupulous ones for a reward. Our frustrations as a people were verbalized by our president. He is sincere. He is honest. And he accepts that he can't do all the work. He needs our help no matter how small. Let's give our best shot. Let's put our best foot forward. Didn't big things start from small things?

Let's make a serious reflection on the merits of the above quotes  of  our known leaders in relation to an urgent need of this country to regenerate our people's moral values. Let's not be ashamed to discard our bad ways. Let's contribute to the formation of a national character that will be of help to good governance. The minute we find the holes, plug them immediately. One whole family working together in consonance with a life founded on what is  moral and virtuous means one neighborhood we can be proud of. No one does the transformation for us. If you believe, even with the size of a mustard seed, that we are all in this together, we can be transformed and the fight is won!  Today, I begin with me my transformation. God bless our country, the Philippines! Thank you, Pinoy!

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