Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Punches His Way to His 4 F's

Just as I thought that the hottest news has begun to simmer down in peace about Manny Pacquiao, the "Pambansang Kamao", almost one week after he triumphantly brought home to our homeland Philippines, his 7th World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title and had imagined him sleeping like a log for a much-needed rest, I was proven wrong.

There is not a second nor minute in the air and in the internet that I could find news that Manny is now hibernating away in Saranggani with his family and finding solace to his hurting ear, swollen knuckles, and probably nursing his guilt?

The best world pound-for-pound Filipino boxer, who, at the early age of 12, stepped into the boxing ring for few pesos a fight to help his family and to buy his notebooks for school, and who continued fighting for few dollars as an under-aged boxer, recently walked out of the boxing ring again yodeling to the tune of millions of dollars after his hottest performance with Miguel Cotto in a 3-1 favorite, winning an unprecedented 7th world title in the history of this bloody sport.

His simple plan as a teenager, "to fight his way out of poverty", cannot be taken literally now by his countrymen. His lightning-speed punches made his way to his 4 F's- Fortune, Fame, Fun, and Fling.


Manny grew up in General Santos City in Mindanao, a province in southern Philippines. He belonged to a poor family and as a young nobody, his existence was centered in going to school and helping his mother to feed the family.When he started his boxing career at age 15, he lived in Manila with his trainer. In between his training hours and free days, he worked for a living as a tailor, a construction painter and wielder, sold flowers inside churchyards. He became a professional boxer at age 16 because he faked his age at 18 during one of his fights.

His poor beginnings are now overshadowed by the millions of dollars attached to every fight won. His bare necessities in life are now things of the past. The King of boxing now lives like a king, in palace-like homes here and abroad, painting the town red in his most modern luxury vehicles, only billionaires can afford, giving donations to the needy in several digits. His fortune that we all see are just the tip of the iceberg.


Manny, Asia's top boxer, has earned for himself addresses of endearment due to his popularity. His name, " Manny or Pacman", has become household icons. The "Pambansang Kamao" title places him to a hero's status. In truth, he was recently conferred by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with the Sikatuna award, rarely given to deserving heroes of the land.

Manny Pacquiao, the "Fearless Dynamo", the "Filipino Ring Icon", the "Mexicutioner", the "Peoples' Champ", the "King of Violent Sport"is now on a pedestal he shares to no one in boxing. He is known the whole world over to be constantly moving up his weight class looking for boxers who can endure his lightning-speed punches.


The Champ is not "all work and no play". At 30, and with such a fortune, he indulges himself with gusto, surrounded by his handlers , supporters, and fans, spending with them the money he earned from his fights. He has his own share of the wild and wet days inside bars, pool halls, billiards, casinos, and cock fighting arena. He enjoys tremendously, moments spent with his die-hard fans- signing autographs and posing for photos with them. He has joined the world of entertainment, television, and movies. He has become a singing sensation. A day before his fight with Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, he was seen on TV relaxed and waxing a song, with his signature naughty smile. I haven't seen him so happy as he showed.


At the rate that he is making money now, pouring like rain, and riding in euphoria on his popularity, Manny has everything money can buy at the tip of his fingers. It's true that inside the ring, he makes a big margin of difference for fighting as a gentleman, for his big heart, for his restraint with his opponents. Sadly, however, there is a seeming crack along his self-discipline, outside of boxing ring. He is widely known as a womanizer. Wasn't he featured once to have sired a child to another woman? His alleged latest liaison with a movie starlet is making waves everywhere. His wife Jinkee's feigned loyalty, in public at least, is heartbreaking.

Manny is punching his way to his Fortune, Fame, Fun, and Fling. It's now time for him to contemplate- and consider in all honesty, this snag in his name. His 5th and 6th F's- "Family", and "Future" must be his priority because when time comes that he can no longer punch his way- it might be too late.

Video by RemusMarkCarballo on YouTube
Source: Reader's Digest, Dec. 2008


  1. Wow, what a story of overcoming the odds. But the ending? It needs some work. It's funny what fame and fortune will do to some. I really pray he sees the light before it's too late. His success could really inspire young Manila boys.

  2. Hi, Angelia! You're always too early posting comments and I'm always late in reply. Thanks in joining me in prayers for our hero, the Pacman.

  3. I see Manny as a tool - a tool that other people use for profit and control. Other people are making big bucks out of him, and our government, on the other hand, are using him to give everyone a sense of nationality which is necessary to bring social order. People treat him like a hero, but I think heroes are for people who do not use their minds. But that's just me. Anyway, I enjoyed your writing style - smooth flowing and concise. Keep up the good work, Tita Lita. =)

  4. We share the same opinion. But if I didn't post this, I shouldn't have known. In a way, the end of my story justifies my thoughts about our "hero". Thanks for your encouraging comment.



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