Thursday, November 5, 2009


I dislike to abuse my readers' patience but out of the blue I just want to write this blog about the word L-O-V-E. Call it just a fig of my tired imagination, but nothing comes from nothing, so I pray that I be heard and be judged after wards.

Adam and Eve came into being out of God's love of creation. All breathing humans after them were fruits of God's loving command "to go and multiply". Despite the seeming bad blood between God and the first couple, God persisted in love. Couples bore children out of love- whether the children were borne out of a blissful union of two would-be parents or were borne out of wedlock; whether these children were borne as planned or were borne by accident- love was the driving force. When we love another and receive the same love- that's mutual love. When we force ourselves into an unwilling partner- that's selfish love ( or sinful love). When we give love and don't expect love in return- that's selfless love. When we love through eternity as in" not only 'till death do us part', but 'till life after death", that's endless love. Oh, so many classifications of the term "love".

We are all capable of loving as we are of living. When selfless love exists, imagine the beauty of life couples share together as lifetime partners and a happy life with their children as responsible parents. Why don't we go for it, if we aren't that yet?It's a bold decision but it's feasible. Before we close our eyes at bedtime, we lift our hearts to the Lord and say, "Dear Lord, bless me for whatever good I did, big and small. Forgive me for all that I didn't do which I should have done in Your Name, and for all that I did which I shouldn't have done because they hurt You. I love You Lord."

Upon rising in the morning, we open our hearts again to the Lord to say, "Most Loving Father, thank You for this new gift of life, for sparing me from harm as I lied down to sleep. Please guide my thoughts, my mind, my lips, during my waking hours to do as You will and not as I will as a sign of Your love to me, Amen". Once we start our day with a sincerity of intentions, we will feel His divine love that will direct our thoughts, our actions, and deeds. We will find that work is not like work. It becomes light and easy.

Negatives will always hamper our flow of work- that's just normal. Tough times will never last. Challenges will always show their ugly fangs. If in our hearts we keep even the smallest flicker of lovelight, it will bloom into a burning fire that will lighten our way and guide our ways, our attitudes. We will tenaciously hold our feet aground. Our cheerful ways and positive outlooks during difficult times will win for us others to follow suit- all in the name of love.

So, why hate when we have all the capacity to hold love in our hearts and share that love to others ?Hate only darkens our world. It pulls us down into a quagmire of more hate and misery. We all err. We are customized for that being humans. But to answer for that human error, we are designed with innate brain power that we can activate. If we are creative, we can transform difficulties into success creatively. If we are resourceful, we can devise ways and means to meet our pressing needs constructively. If we are level-headed, we can manage our problems cheerfully. If we are trustful in the Lord, we will be endowed with potential power to cope efficiently.

If you are not still convinced that love is powerful, let me cap this attempt of a fertile imagination to persuade as I say, we are all survivors of a broken world full of hatred and unwanted misfortunes. The potent to our survival comes from the magic of the word L-O-V-E.

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