Friday, July 2, 2010

Reinventing Giveaways (For My Birthday And Anniversary)

With earnest anticipation, I've waited for this day to celebrate two historical events in my life. I was born on July 2, 1946. In July 2009, my first blog, Senior Debutante, was born in the blog sphere. So, I'm celebrating my 64th birthday today and my 1st year anniversary in the internet this month of  July. Did I hear "Happy Birthday"? "Happy Anniversary'? Well, guys, thank you, thank you!

I want to throw a  birthday party, or an anniversary party, for all my online friends,   but distance deters any kind of personal gathering.  You are  very  special to me.  So I thought of sending you souvenirs instead. I'm reinventing my blog giveaways. "Reinvent?" Hmmmm, that's too superficial. "Return?" No no no no no! These giveaways are my most treasured possession. I just can't "give" them away. I  collected only 3 from two of my most trusted blogger friends, but I'm so proud I was their recipient. I hope both won't mind, because I want to "share" the giveaways with you. That's it - share!

Over the past 12 months, to date, I was very fortunate to win 317 friends at Blog Catalog, with 45 folowers and 6 favorites; 76 family, friends, and contacts from MyBlogLog having joined 26 communities; 18 followers from Networkblogs and mounting. I was able to write 60 quality posts.  I have few  friends from my Facebook and Twitter accounts, too. My yahoo mail burns with messages from regular viewers, commenters and  requests for add and contact by interested readers and unique visitors. My ads click? Well, it's still hanging, not much revenue yet haha. I have registered an average profile views of 916. Add to this my mounting regular visitors, unique viewers, and  readers from SITS and HubPages who blog hopped into Senior Debutante. Not bad. This statistics may be way below your expectations of me, but these are my benchmark. I'm proud I was not lagging way behind my personal target. I recall that at the start, I was so uncertain if I could make it. I was then very sick and blogging was introduced to me by my daughter Pot, to draw  my attention away from my pains from shingles that infected me so badly that  I refused to move about. It's with great pleasure and gratitude that I thank all of you, my most valued blogger friends  for my seemingly amazing performance and achievement level as of today. Not bad at all.

Today, I humbly reciprocate the friendship I enjoy so much with you. However, in principle, receiving must be followed by sharing as well. I therefore remind every lucky recipient to please read the accompanying rules and instructions specified for each of the three birthday and anniversary gifts. The beautiful tradition must be perpetrated. You please see to it that you, too, will send the same to your valued friends. But please don't forget to link back to my blog. This way, our community will expand. So here we go, folks!

I thought I can go home in time to post this. I've been away from home on vacation at my daughters' place. I'm using just this wireless prepaid broadband which is miserably slow. Oh my,  I miss my internet connection at home. But I must, no matter what! I promise to check the new links you will suggest soon.

For all my 916 (and possibly more) registered blogger friends, commenters, viewers,  and visitors at Blog Catalog, who had made me enjoy this blogging journey with you at  a time when I was just groping around, I'm sharing the Happy Hearts 101 (Please click for the rules. It's fun!) award given to me by my good friend Angelia Sims of Living, Laughing, Loving.

My 76 friends (and surely mounting), commenters, visitors, and viewers  at MyBlogLog, who likewise provide me strength to  go on blogging, are invited to help themselves with the Seal of Approval award likewise presented to me as my gift by Angelia Sims. You may now post it in your blogs for our seal of friendship.

My loyal readers who are always with me despite my long absence due to pressing health problems, whom I call beautiful people, those wonderful friends who visit me at my Facebook and Twitter accounts, my yahoo mail friends, I'm presenting to you the Beautiful Blogger award given to me by my good friend, Rose of Etcetera, Etcetera. As a requirement, I have the following list of 7 things about me.

1. I love life- including all its ups and downs.
2. My friends are my strength next to God and my family.
3. I'm forced to be vegetarian, being a diabetic.
4. I like to sing.
5. I value every single day I wake up.
6. Material possessions are only temporary to me.
7. I like people who turn out to please me whenever I feel alone and lonely.

And to cap my giveaways, I'm offering everyone my fervent  prayer for a more progressive relationship with all of you in this journey. God bless us all!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Happy blogversary!!!

    So happy to have met you and glimpsed your generous and loving heart. For me, you've already given me everything I need. Your friendship.

    Big hugs and happy, happy hearts. :-)

  2. Angelia,
    Wow! You're the first to view my latest blog and leave this sweet comment again! Thank you. You made all these possible, my friend!

    Can't write a better one due to blogging constraints. I'm having real hard time adjusting my activities these days. So hard but family is my priority these days.

    So long again, sweetie. Tight Bear Hugs for you!

  3. Happy Birthday....Happy Blogsary too

    I wish for your good health...

    Your post made me think on how I will cope up on being a senior citizen. Well a dozen years from now I will also have that senior citizen card.

  4. Selbon,
    Thank you for the warm greetings and comment! If there's one thing that the younger ones will be jealous about us, the young once- it's the senior citizen card! It benefits me tremendously now that our government is really bent on giving us the full benefits as seniors. You'll love it once you get one. So take care until then.

  5. Lita-I would've been here sooner if I knew. Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on reaching this blogging milestone. Hope all is well with you and your family. It's a great pleasure knowing you.

  6. Indeed, a milestone for me whose initial purpose in blogging was to kill time and to be healed of my chronic pains. I have no regrets that I succumbed to my daughters' suggestions to learn to access the internet. I was actually forced into this, which to me, was at first next to impossible.

    You're one of those who give me inspiration to go on and and prevail upon my obstacles. Your aphorisms always lighten the burden of living alone and away from my loved ones. Thank you so much, my friend.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Lita and Happy Blogiversary too! Sending Smiles and best wishes, Carla. :)

  8. FVF (Carla),
    My pleasure to receive happy thoughts from a first time visitor on my life's memorable events. Sending you back my heartfelt best wishes for our continued friendship.Thank you. God Bless!

  9. Happy blogversary and Happy anniversary!

  10. Thank you for your warm thoughts. Just dropped by in one of your blogs and left you a comment. Science is really an indispensable knowledge here on earth. Let's keep in touch.

  11. Well youngish lady :) - Happy Birthday & Happy Blogversary. As usual I find myself smiling reading a post of yours. Your ares such a sweet person. I hope your day finds you well.
    Mr Monkey

  12. Mr. Monkey,
    Your Monkey Stick always lightens up my day, really! And you? You are among the few who is unendingly polite (and funny) both in your articles and comments. Thank you!

  13. i must say, you got the passion and patience to have established yourself as a successful blogger (despite your age). you're even older than my dad... hehe..

    i know what you're going through... my dad is struggling against diabetes and other complications like mild strokes, kidney problems, and goiter.. it took him a long time to overcome bitterness. fortunately, he's health is stable now.

    more power to you, madam... (i don't feel comfortable calling you my friend since i'm 22 years old... )

  14. Every bit of this comment is well-taken. For the last part, just call me "Tita", I'll feel uncomfortable if it were "Lola". LOL!

    Managing a family member's diabetes is tough, but with everybody helping him, the diabetic may even find his life a pampered one. I'm glad to know that your Dad has finally stabilized emotionally and physically. My other blog that you see in my sidebar may help you and your Dad in managing his health condition as a diabetic. Glad to have found you here, hijo!

  15. Happy Birthday to you Lita, and also happy blogversary...!!
    and congrats for the award.
    Wishing you best in healthy, whealthy and may every little day will bring you happiness.

    God bless you

  16. Nensa,
    Thank you for the comment. Need I say you just won the Seal of Approval award? As a friend from MyBlogLog, you deserve the gift I'm sharing with all my friends. Don't forget to follow the rules and the link back. It's fun!

  17. I came late to the party, but my birthday wishes are just as sincere for all that. I like your positive outlook, and I admire your spirit. Keep on enjoying life. That's what it's for!

  18. Your profile is not accessible. Anyway, glad to know you and thank you for being so kind in this comment. Yes, Melody, I'll enjoy life to the full, because there's only a "little time" for a sickly senior like me to do that. Please help yourself with the giveaway of your choice, my friend. God bless!

  19. Hello my dearest “sometimes friend”!
    I little bit late, but until in time to wish you all the best in your life and on blogsphere!
    I loved your testimony in this post and took some lessons for me, just in time!

  20. Haha! Vania, how about switching on to "forever friends"? A visit or two with warm comment we leave behind will justify it. I see you're as busy as a bee! Never too late a heroine, and please help yourself with the humble nuggets of wisdom you can use for your self-improvement, if any. Thank you. Friends forever? Cheers!

  21. Dear Friend Forever!
    Please, visit my blog when you have time! I want you to see something... this time in a biiiig delay!

  22. Vania,
    My Sometimes Friend who is my Friend Forever also! LOL! I see you're really too busy and I understand. But I always see you in my Facebook. If I'm not at home where my internet is, I'm absent online, too. Invitation accepted. I'll be there right now. Thanks. Peace!



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