Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm not a politician. I'm an ordinary taxpayer. If you think that I should not bother myself with politics, I thought so, too, at first. But somehow recent political events are bothering me. I'm willing myself to monitor daily news mainly to gather bits of information about each politician posturing this early as formidable candidates. I honestly believe that this might help me make better decision come election day. This is also my duty as a concerned Filipino voter. However I'm not enjoying the whole picture of it. I don't think there is really a Mr. Right or a Ms. Perfect among them. That remains to be seen.

There they go again! Like in a street "karerahan", they're already off and running through all sorts of political gimmickry. What's disconcerting is that there seems to be gross lack of decorum, nay discipline, and the whole picture is more of a telenovela to the cynical and nothing of worth to the marginalized among our brothers, given the grumblings and rumblings I hear.

I welcome that move from someone who cried "foul" regarding the "infomercials" over the media. If I were to recall, when they were not yet under attack, I didn't give them a cent worth of my time. To me, they were simply amusing, alternative entertainment, if not, at other times, laughable. It's the issue raised about its high cost, who paid it, and what money was used that I realize I had to understand why infomercials can be regarded illegal. I'm a taxpayer. I know in my own little way that money appropriated by government for the benefit of the people must be properly disbursed and well accounted for.

Another, I haven't rested my mind yet about why the failed attempt to use automated machine voting was recently resurrected. Have the eager-beavers ironed out their differences along this scheme? I thought many opposed it because of alleged massive irregularities of contract for one and its susceptibility to fraud in another. Can COMELEC assure the voting public that there will be no more "Hello Garci" nor that popular "dagdag-bawas" scares of the past? How well can this government arm address problems that may emerge like technical malfunctions, if there be any, during voting?I pray that the billion peso cost of said scheme will be worth it after election.

I can't tell now who among the handlers of both the opposition and administration candidates are doing the right choice for their strongest standard bearer. Even they, themselves, can't seem to unite their own turf. Many things can happen yet. Election is still a long way to go. To prove my point, some strong contenders have already dropped from the rolls. May their reasons for giving way be heard and from their actions, the unscrupulous among them follow suit, so that legitimate conflicts will be straightened out for the good of everybody.

I can't understand why. But I hear names of old politicians with pending cases also on the run as if nothing wrong happened. They're at it tooth and nail, or do or die. Is it difficult to exclude them from the screening? Or are they very sure that the slow grind of justice is on their side? Therefore, I would like to disabuse my mind if I say that foremost in their agenda is to seek high position, stay in power, invoke immunity and evade punishment from the sins they committed, continue to evade the law and make the whole nation a mockery in the eyes of the world.

Now and then, I'm scared whenever Cha-Cha and how the law of the land could possibly be twisted to serve the ends of those in power. Although many attempted to revise our Constitution, there are still strong men in government who are there to defend it. But until when? Do our elite politicians really want political stability for the welfare of the people? Or are they there only primarily to guard their amassed wealth, questionable tax declaration and net worth and prospects of more wealth?You see, money is the root of all these nightmares.

I know only a little. Isn't little knowledge a dangerous thing? But this is politics, Filipino style. I'm just speaking my mind loud.

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