Thursday, September 10, 2009


.....and finally he said a resounding YES!

One moment, a surprised Filipino electorate saw on TV a beleaguered Mar Roxas , emotional and almost in tears, abdicating his lofty dream of running as presidential candidate for the coming 2010 elections, in favor of his friend, Benigno "Noynoy" C. Aquino, Jr. Noynoy's apparent nonchalance as he stood at the background, struck me. What was going on?

Another day, not long after, Noynoy, with his continued composure, was hitting the headlines right and left. He was being wooed to run for presidency. His courtiers practically hounded Noynoy, a political neophyte to the highest position in Philippine government, to consider the carrot stick they offered in a proverbial silver platter, and to come out clean and fast with an honest yes to replace his good friend, Mar. Knowing only a little about the ins and out of politics, or probably because I just have had my fills about past political maneuvers, you hear them now saying this, then on the deadline for submission of candidacy you hear them say another, I just raised my eyebrows and went on with my new-found daily preoccupation- blogging.

That same morning, I just posted in my blog my thoughts about Noynoy, "Noynoy for President in 2010". Ha ha! It was a write and forget kind of article. Politics is not my forte. But I followed through the every day's events just the same. Of course I witnessed, just as every concerned Filipino voter did, how the good Senator maneuvered a polite excuse to come to think about it. On one hand, he and his sisters were busy preparing for their expected appearances in a series of Eucharistic celebrations, in honor of the 40th day of Mother Cory's death, in still unnamed venues to the public those days.

The all-too-good-to-be-true courtship on another hand, caused Noynoy to seek retreat for short-lived refuge in some popular sanctuaries frequented by Mother Cory when she herself, needed an assuring shoulder/s to lean on during her rough times as President of the land while dispensing about her state duties. Thus, I could presume that Cory's built-in wisdom as God-fearing Roman Catholic also runs in Noynoy's blood and became a ready catharsis in his hour of deliverance from this current dilemma of that magnitude. He admitted though that he was not as religious as his mother was, although he had joined her in many occasions when she went over in the protective walls of said sanctuaries.

The sporadic demands for Noynoy to run for presidency catapulted him in leaps and bounds in the days to come(no official survey result yet).The whole world watched. It was also, to my mind, an unobtrusive test whether Mother Cory's Magic would work on him. And it did! I'm not a political analyst of a caliber, but my opinions as a voter encourage me to observe how Cory's Magic can be used to Noynoy's advantage. Today, I find my thoughts craving for more so that I can say more. After all, I'm a trying-hard intelligent voter.

Firstly, unless this Cory Magic springs to real life with tangible proofs of positive change in the lives of the people, the great majority of whom are living deep in the quagmire of misery and poverty, it remains just that. Without follow-up by a nation under a good if not a better leader, the democratic principles which Ninoy and Cory died for, their charisma which is still gaining support, will die a natural death. Therefore, Cory's Magic must be institutionalized in the Filipino people's culture. Election 2010 gives us the chance. Noynoy, together with his political analysts and advisers know this, in broadest terms among these seasoned politicians.

Secondly, the gargantuan task ahead necessitates careful planning as well as execution by someone who must possess a formidable character to be able to unite a divided opposition- with or without an administration's anointed one. The neophyte presidentiable's winning or losing power rests heavily on majority support from the camp of a newcomer. This support must be turned into votes come election. The preponderance among the incumbents who are contented and happy in their perks is of course a risk to depend on for support.

Thirdly, as Senator, Noynoy is still wanting in know how as far as the powers of a president mandated by law and by the Constitution are concerned. His having a mother for President in the past gives him an edge alright but this is not an assurance of winning. He should also read the Constitution and must read it well so that, if he wins, upon assumption to office, he already has good working knowledge of the oath he must make- to preserve and defend it against tyranny. Then as he gains further knowledge and establishes a foothold, he will come to gripes with the naked reality that in order for him to stay, he must possess furthermore an unswerving willingness to sacrifice his personal and family interests above the peoples' national interests; to make himself in constant struggle to arise with highest morality; to lead with an incorruptible leadership; to adhere to the principles of democracy; to listen to the pros and the cons when state matters are threatened by partisan motives; and most importantly, to work with and not against people in a spirit of mutual trust for the common good.

To the Honorable Senator, Benigno "Noynoy" C. Aquino, Jr., the days of courtship have only just began. To the intelligent electorate, your romancing with the best presidentiable not of your own choice, but of a people's choice, start - now !

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