Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, what's new about it? If this gathering storm for Noynoy's endorsement for presidency materializes in fullest force come election 2010, there's nothing new to it. Obviously, the good senator is a political nobody for this highest position in government. He has no political clout, no political ascendancy, no political machinery . Noynoy is simply riding the euphoria of his Mother Cory's so-called "Cory Magic" of recent times. That's barely 40 days after her death of natural cause.

So, what's new? Mother Cory, a plain housewife, rode too, on "Ninoy Magic" of her times. Ninoy was then the Filipino people's last card against a tyrant government. The volatile social condition caused by Ninoy's assassination and later by fraudulent elections angered the people and their raging madness was so powerful that it swiped instantaneously the grieving opposition candidate Cory that she gave in to people power to be installed as president. She was upheld by the world as a fitting symbol of democracy and the first woman president of the Philippines. The time element and the exigencies of circumstances favored her unquestionably.

Election 2010 is still a long way to go. Noynoy will be facing all conceivable risks- time, sincerity of support by his endorsers, machinery, funding. He will be banking on "Cory Magic". That he cannot deny. Therefore he is faced with maintaining people's honest and sincere consensus not only among the opposition but much more among the electorate. His chance for the presidency might be another history record-breaking episode of peoples' initiative. This is not impossible in this country of people agitating for reforms in government since the days of his father Ninoy.

Cory (a plain housewife), against Marcos, was installed by people power. And so was GMA ( a brilliant economist), against ERAP(a school drop-out). ERAP and FVR (a seasoned military gentleman) have something in common. They have strong personalities (many fans?) never mind if they were articulate or not about good governance. The collective actions of the people at the end of their terms spoke for each of them. For sure, despite Cory's limitations in governance, ( there had been several failed coup attempts under her administration), she stands out from the rest in eternity. GMA has yet to prove her worth.

The time element that favored Mother Cory is now put to test on Noynoy's case. The recent move by his immediate comrades to usher Noynoy( a political newcomer) into presidency may now be gathering in power. But it's all up to the good senator to discern and make e deeper introspection. His retreat is a very welcome personal decision. He can't just make decisions by himself, let alone in haste. He needs good counsel and honest ones, too.

The political arena awaits him. While in wait, we must not forget that things happen as they do today as a warning to all Filipinos that since EDSA I, leadership in our government has grown more unstable and is gaining momentum. Noynoy is not starting from a blank slate. In his blood runs his Father Ninoy's mercurial dreams for the country and his Mother Cory's Christian wisdom and magic. Let's just pray and wait.

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