Wednesday, September 2, 2009


"The best things in life are for free". The banner of SENIOR DEBUTANTE shows an awesome beauty of Mother Nature at her best which beach lovers can behold for free. What makes this view more meaningful to me is because it is a snapshot of me(silhouette) during one of my morning brisk walks at early dawn on the shore of the famous Lingayen Beach taken by my daughter who is an amateur in photography.

The unfolding beauty of the day slowly breaking over the horizon pushing away the mysterious darkness of the night has more meaning than meets the eye. The stillness of dawn evokes peace. The cool breeze bringing with it fresh air sends a message that there is hope for clean environment. The sparkling breakwater invites a plunge into the clear and cool water for healing. The waves scampering to envelop the bare feet as one walks in ankle-deep of sea water is therapeutic. The fishy smell of the salt water has cleansing power down one's throat to the lungs as he breathes deep in and out. And more!

As I marched toward the shoreline that day, I focused my eyes on the beautiful dawn over the horizon where sky and sea meet. I saw a frame of a natural art work so blissful to behold. It was there and still is for free.

Catching the sunrise at Lingayen Beach has varied purposes for different people. I for one, take a brisk walk to exercise my lower limbs and at the same time to breathe fresh air to bolster my immune system. Some are just seated on the wet sand clasping their legs or scooping sand to bury their feet. Others are on wheelchairs with their loved ones on watch. The more daring ones take a plunge into the inviting coolness of the water for a swim. Joggers, either on bare feet or clad in full gears, make one feel he is not alone in that wide stretch of the sandy shore. The majestic glory of sunrise envelops these people's aura with appreciation and pride for nature.

To me, sunrise wipes away my tears. It dilutes sadness, releases stress, tempers anxieties, soothes the down feelings of weary souls, with no effort but just to enjoy nature's gift for free- by the beach.

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