Friday, August 21, 2009


TAKE it or leave it, but this world is blessed with people with innate brilliance in them which they don't even realize they possess. As they grow in age, their wisdom grows, too. The signs show at early age among children which the pessimists and the ignorant turn down as mere misbehavior. As a teacher, I happened to learn this phenomenon along the way. Left untapped perhaps due to ignorance and recalcitrant attitude by us, adults, these children grow into adults who could lose their youthful opportunities for growth and development.

MY unfinished mission as a teacher who wanted to help children to be properly guided, gives birth to "Senior Debutante". I trust that senior citizens will have access to the Internet and become instrumental in helping brilliant children develop to their fullest. They may start in their own homes with their children's children and extended families.

TIME is closing in on us, senior debutantes. You may be someone's grandpa or grandma; or somebody's old pop or mom; or that gentleman or gentle lady I meet daily along the street, in school, in the office, in church, in a restaurant or elsewhere. It's never too late to be of service to our young and to others. As we offer ourselves to them, we likewise cultivate that God-given talent we may not know we possess.

BY introducing our loved ones, young and old alike, to the wonders of IT, our innate goodness will eventually be challenged. The youth easily respond to modernized gadgets so there's no problem with them. The bottleneck is in the way they handle their new-found freedom with technology. This is where we, senior citizens, can do our mission- to redirect their talents to their own good. To us adults, there is no reason to believe that our life as a whole will be a downhill struggle. We can still be productive by being techie. Many children out there need our guidance and care.

THE senior debutantes must view the horizon as full of promises and opportunities. They have to feign off boredom by doing something worthwhile. Patience, endurance, and commitment are important attributes for them to be able to understand and follow thru the complexities of IT, the Internet way, of course.

DISTANCE between and among senior debutantes and their loved ones is not meant to be. Modern technology bridges distances in many ways; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and the like. Let's snap out from that feeling of emptiness. "Senior debutante" is here. My fellow seniors, are you ready to bring out that innate brilliance and get real close to others?


  1. Congratulations for giving inspiration to all senior debutantes out there whom many now call senior citizens in the community which connotes old and burden members of the society. Thank you for resurrecting the self esteem and for instilling in them that productive life does not end in retirement but is a lifelong process.

  2. Life is happier the second time around. After retiring from active government service, I hope to live life to the full, just blogging, anyway. Hahaha!



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