Saturday, August 22, 2009


I didn't become a teacher because I wanted to. At first, I wanted to be a lawyer. I only became a teacher by circumstance. Education was the course my mother wanted for me. She was in her sophomore years in a Normal School taking up BSEEd when her father died of a lingering illness. When Grandpa died Nanay never went back to school. She married young.

I knew that Nanay saw herself in me. I remember today how she easily taught me her basic knowledge in Spanish and Music. In fact, it was in these two subjects where I excelled. I was not surprised then that my four years immersion into the course reshaped my vision because of my mother. I was thankful, too, that I made it to college.

Before you even suspect that I totally abandoned my first love of becoming a lawyer, you're wrong. I was simply like my mother! Today, I have a lawyer-daughter and another daughter who is also soon-to-be one. The way I look at both, they, too, are thankful. Now I understand why my parents didn't support my wishful dream. They lack the resources to send nine (9) children who were all raring to go to college. Credit is due them, however, that 8 of us are all degree holders. Our eldest brother landed a promising job before college and stayed put.

You can choose your own way of life. It would be a good choice if you select a good life, a significant one. If you honestly pursue it, it's always possible. You simply plant a seed of your aspirations like a mustard seed. Choose a fertile land, nurture it with love, and water all your desires with passion. In all these, don't forget that it's God's will that what we are, that's what He wants us to be. This is the life we make: where God is, success and happiness are there.

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