Friday, August 14, 2009


I would have retired from active public service at 60, but the thought of separation from the academe after thirty-eight years was still far from my mind. I was still savoring the satisfaction of educating children and helping them metamorphose into young achievers. There were still lots of things to do like decreasing the number of non-readers in the elementary grades; whetting talents among fast learners in the intermediate grades in co-curricular activities such as declamation, oration, campus journalism quiz bees and other literary competitions.

Having recently discovered how life could still be at 60, it was difficult for me to decide whether to go or not. I thought I was not ready to live a quiet and sedentary life. My training as a teacher led me to lay out an action plan, a lifetime plan of activities for my retirement days. Finally, after a thorough study of what might be my fate, I retired at 62. Two years was fair enough pre-conditioning of mind. The rest I entrusted in God's hands.

Why I finally decided to retire at 62, one year short to 63, when I can collect all benefits similar to one who retires at 65, is because of my health condition. I am an insulin-dependent senior debutante with diabetes mellitus type II condition. At home, any planned activity, small and big, are voted upon by my two daughters and I. I am often overruled. If their dad were alive today, I would likely have a better winning chance, at least.

Today, I feel no regrets, because I may no longer be teaching directly in school but my training as a master teacher of constantly planning and projecting my activities with flexibility is a handy tool. I am enjoying the realization that I can still share with others my writing talent and still be of service to others. I am probably one among few diabetic bloggers. And I really thank God for my borrowed time on earth.


  1. you are really blessed ma'am. FYI to all of the viewers she's the one who trained me as a good declamator and i continued it till when i was in college while i'm finishing my degree (BS PSYCHOLOGY)now, i'm a high school public teacher and i'm conyinuing what ma'am lita malicdem had done for me.thanks so much for everything.

  2. Ice,
    Keep it up, girl. There is always wide room for improvement in education. Education is a life-long process. Now that you have become a teacher, you'll eventually find out.



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