Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When I was 60 years of age, I thought I started to analyze what is meant by "Life is sweeter the second time around". I was a teacher then, too engrossed with my job that I almost forgot I was at the threshold of senior citizenship. My birthday would have passed barely unnoticed had it not because of my two children. They called me up from Manila a week before my birthday and amidst my refusals and excuses they were able to extract from me information they wanted, like, where we could comfortably celebrate my birthday, the number of guests, etc., etc.

In no time at all, I received an LBC package of my first ever formal birthday invitation cards. The card was beautifully crafted with my most beautiful picture glaring back at me and this message, "Mommy Lita is turning 60, etc." What caught my fancy most was this line, "She said she was too old for a party, the next thing you know, she has her guest list". I giggled with suppressed excitement!

At 18, I didn't have a party for my debut. Although I admit I wanted to have one so much like all debutantes do. So I said, "Aha!" Have you ever heard of a senior debutante? (I prefer this term because it connotes youthful rather than degenerative feeling). Well, that was me. How I enjoyed my special day with my two daughters who brought along with them my sisters from Manila. Our other relatives and my friends were as surprised as I was. Today, at 63, I have a vivid memory of my instant party on a borrowed party dress, my tarpaulin, my layered birthday cake, the food, the air-conditioned venue, the gifts and a birthday photo album at last!

Life is really sweeter the second time around, you know?

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