Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The mere mention of the word "retirement" evokes mixed emotions to candidates in their age of reckoning. "Scared" is a likely feeling that disturbs the mind. But what are we really afraid of?

Here, let me give you a first-hand experience about retirement. If you are healthy and well, there seems to be no problem. But if you have a health condition that needs immediate attention, postponing your retirement is scary. Don't you think so?

Retirement must be viewed by all candidates as a reward- a bonus. You had spent the first 20 years of your life earning an education from the day you were born up to your college days. You fought it out to find a good job the next 20 years and most likely are settled with a family. Another 20 years will be your monument of performance for yourself, your family, for others, and the country. This, I am very sure. It's your turn now to analyze your spirituality. How much more time do you have for your relationship with God? If the life span of man as mentioned in the Bible is 76, you only have a few years to return to God all the blessings received, our divine provider.

I am not a devout Catholic but by circumstance of our children's needs whom we enrolled at our local christian school, my husband and I, together with our daughters, attended the required Bible studies and studied with other parents during their grade school years. Otherwise, our participation in church was just ordinary and non-participative.

My retirement days are my only chance to deepen my faith in God. Not that I didn't do this all those years. Ten years ago, I signed up as a lector in our parish. I religiously participated in Eucharistic celebrations. If I am not serving as lector or commentator, I am with the parish choir serving during the first two masses on Sundays at 5:15 and 6:30 am. What I enjoy most as a choir member is singing during special masses such as funeral as well as wedding masses. I am an alto singer and I love to descant.

I am not scared about retirement. I am thankful that if I live up to the age of 80 years, I have ten years more to complete another 20 years which I already started to offer in service to God and the church. This way I am giving myself luxury time to walk with God thru my religious activities in church and in the community of fellow Catholics. Now, are you still scared?

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